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Laminate face doors

The Orca Doors Opero range is a doorset with a laminate finish to the faces, giving a durable finish and a multitude of finish options. Orca uses various suppliers, and so can offer an expansive range of colours and designs. Orca can offer laminates with an integrated antibacterial agent offering a safe hygienic finish.

Orca bond the laminates in their own factory, not requiring any outside contracting to ensure the the quality of finish remains at an extremely high standard. As well as the antibacterial agent within some of the laminates that can be used, the Opero range has all exposed timber coated with a lacquer that also contains an antibacterial agent. To further fulfill the requirements of infection control, the Orca standard glazing bead has a tight synthetic seal between the glass and the bead.

Manufactured from a high quality core, Orca can manufacture the Opero doorset to suit your requirements, be that a non fire rated door, a FD30 or FD60, and with matching or contrasting frame finishes, edging finish, vision panels and beading finish.

Detail is the key to the high quality finish of Orca doorsets, from original specification to final production. At Orca the emphasis is on the right product for the job, so we can accommodate a wide range of styles and finishes.


Door Frames

Orca can offer a variation of frames, from linings with planted stops to solid casings with stops machined in. These can be supplied ready to paint, pre finished with antibacterial lacquer, or full encapsulated in 2mm PVC, making them extremely durable.


When installing vision panels, Orca ensure that all standards are met, whether it be for fire or acoustic rating. Glass can be fitted in a huge range of sizes and configurations, and guidance can be given to achieve best results. Where timber glazing beads are installed, these are coated with an antibacterial lacquer, and where possible, a synthetic seal keeps the bead tight to the glass, assisted infection control. For the Intego range, Orca can also wrap the glazing bead cassette in a single piece of PVC, eliminating any mitre joints where there is a possible infection control risk.




Lippings are installed on all four edges, and are manufactured into the door so the PVC creates a smooth radius into the door edge. Standard sizing for Orca is a 10mm lipping on the horizontal, and 16mm in the vertical legs, in which the intumescent is installed.


Ironmongery can be installed in the factory, where you can be assured that not only will the quality of the install be to your requirement, but that any fire certification has been retained. Orca can advise on suitable items and methods of installation to achieve fire standards. Using our in house team too apply hinges and locks gives a tight, neat finish, as cutting items into a radius PVC edge on site is extremely difficult.


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